KMA is pleased to announce the California Wildfires Disaster Relief Specialty Incentive, effective through January 2, 2018 for customers that experienced damage to their vehicle during the recent disaster in the state of California. Eligible customers may receive:

$750 Bonus Cash
in addition to most other Kia Incentives.

Eligible consumers must take delivery by 2019-01-02

  Offer Details

Eligible Vehicles:
All MY18 (excluding Sorento)
All MY19

This Program allows customers within the state of California who have a valid and submitted insurance claim indicating damage, incurred on or after November 8, 2018, to their vehicle as a result of the CA Wildfires, to qualify for the incentive listed above subject to Dealer’s compliance with the Rules below and KMA’s March 3, 2015 Sales Policy.

Eligible Customers:
1. Person whose name appears as purchaser/lessee on vehicle sales documentation is referred to herein as “Customer.”
2. The Customer must be the registered owner of a vehicle that incurred damaged on or after November 8, 2018 as a result of the California Wildfires.
3. The Customer must have a valid insurance claim submitted to their insurer that indicates damage to their vehicle as a result of the California Wildfires.
4. Name on insurance claim must match Customer's name on driver’s license.
5. The Customer must be 18 years of age or older.

Ineligible Conditions:
1. Any vehicle that is not a new, unused MY18 (excluding Sorento) or MY19 Vehicle
2. Any vehicle that is reported as sold before November 14, 2018 or after January 2, 2019
3. Any person that does not have an insurance claim for a vehicle that was damaged on or after November 8, 2018 by the Wildfires.

See John L Sullivan's Roseville Kia for additional details and requirements.

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